Monday, November 25, 2013

New Projects

I have two new projects:

A sequel to A Midwinter Night's Revolution (title TBD), unsurprisingly, following the course of the revolutions as they unfold in France and Elfland.

A middle grade boys' adventure novel tentatively titled Quest for the Karkadann, about a young Pakistani boy who crosses the Eurasian steppe in search of a karkadann, or unicorn, the only payment the soldiers who've taken his family in war will accept for their freedom. He's robbed by a band of pirates and abandoned near a Sami village in Finland. A blind Sami boy befriends him, and together they hunt down a narwhal--but as they journey back across the continent, kings, wizards, and thieves pursue them, all wanting the horn for themselves. (Note: Finland and Pakistan are modern country names that probably didn't exist in the book's time, and ae only used here for convenience.)

The sequel is my main project right now, for obvious reasons. But I'm excited about both.

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