Monday, December 16, 2013

Midwinter's Labours Lost--Poll!

Yes, I'm working on a sequel to A Midwinter Night's Revolution. I'm still debating about the title, though this one fits nicely with the Shakespeare theme and then, of course, the final book could be Midwinter's Labours Found. According to Wikipedia, the play's title is actually Love's Labour's Lost, but that extra apostrophe is just weird. Anyway, which do you like best:

A. Midwinter's Labours Lost
B. Midwinter's Revolution Lost
C. Revolution's Labours Lost
D. Something totally different!

The picture will probably change, as I'd rather one evocative of loss. But until I get time to draw something, it's pretty enough to keep around. I don't know about Jasper's choice in collars, though. *Shakes head.*