Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Gorgeous Pages from the Visconti Hours

The letter "M", Magnificat.

God creates the birds (and angels and griffons?)

God judges the sacrifices of Cain and Abel; the four authors of the Gospels, and a dove--probably representing the Holy Spirit.

Angels announce to the shepherds the birth of Christ.

Saint Peter, by the looks of him, surrounded by angels and women, one of whom has three faces, a mirror, and a drawing compass. Also, there's a lion hiding, and what looks rather like a yin-yang symbol.

I assume this comes from the Apocalypse of John. (I am laughing to myself because I automatically say "Apocalypse of John" because I'm pedantic/familiar enough with other apocalypses to make the distinction.) I particularly like the 3/4s back view of the angel on the right.

I honestly have no idea what's going on here, other than the obvious.

This one also eludes me, though I am quite fond of the ladies who surround it.

Samson with the ass's jawbone, surrounded by shields with a dragon eating someone. I'm pretty sure the dragon wasn't in the original story.

The angel frees Peter from prison, I assume, though perhaps it is some other account of someone being freed from prison, because I don't recall the identities of the other folks in the picture.

God creates Eve from Adam's rib in the Garden of Eden.

More of those dragon-shields. Those angels are pretty awesome. Love their wings and their crowned helmety things. The industry going on in the middle of the picture is a mystery to me, though. Folks reading books out loud while others work on some sort of grain pouring thing?

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