Thursday, December 4, 2014

More Aztec Art

By the way, much of the surviving Aztec art has been damaged by the ravages of time (and possibly people.) As a result, I have sought out for this post not direct copies of the originals, but cleaned-up-ish copies.

For example, here is a copy of the original image from the Codex Borgia, of the Sun God, I believe:

And this is a cleaned-up-ish picture from the Codex Borgia (obviously it is a different picture, but you can see the stylistic similarities:

Also from the Codex Borgia, this guy riding a dragon:

The rest of the images are from the Codex Fejérváry-Mayer:

This one reminds me strongly of a comic book, with each series of dots leading to something the man is talking about.

This guy's speech balloon looks like a dragon.

These guys look like they're engaged in negotiations of some sort; there are several illustrations like this in the Codex F. M.

The guy on the left is like, "Ugh, why do I have to deal with this idiot?"

Sharing a dish of cooked squid?

This is my "it's your turn to change the baby" expression, but I suspect something else is going on here.

You know, if I saw a scorpion that big, I would not be nearly so blase. Also, the pot-dragon seems to be escaping.

I genuinely have no idea what is happening in this picture.

This one seems unfortunately clear, though.

This is how Captain Ahab got his motivation.

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