Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Endless Amusement, 1820

I am now reading Endless Amusement, "a collection of nearly 400 entertaining experiments in various branches of science, including acoustics, arithmetic, chemistry, electricity, hydraulics, hydrostatics, magnetism, mechanics, optics, wonders of the air pump, all the popular tricks and changes of the cards, &c., &c., &c.; 1820; Thorp and Burch, and Thomas Boys, London."

It is, in fact, very amusing! I do not know how many of these experiments the average person could repeat today, (nor do I know how many would be wise to repeat, as I do not particularly recommend, say, creating giant indoor fireballs, but any author looking to amuse, delight, or horrify their early 19th century characters may find it a very useful source indeed!

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