Sunday, February 1, 2015

Benefits of being an Argentine Werewolf

According to Werewolf Page (I have no idea if they are a reliable source or not, but I like the story too much not to share it and you can tell me if you have information on it being false,) Argentine legend says that a family's 7th son will become a werewolf.

And back in the early 1900s, when larger families were more common, enough people were concerned about this that there was apparently a problem of people abandoning their 7th sons. So the president of Argentina passed a law declaring himself the godfather of all 7th sons born in Argentina. They each receive a gold medal and educational scholarships until their 21st birthdays, which is a pretty good deal.

The law worked, and parents stopped abandoning their 7th sons. Even today, Argentine presidents still attend at least some of their werewolf godchildrens' baptisms.

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