Thursday, October 15, 2015


Here I am, writing away, really getting into a groove, and my husband walks in and starts talking about beards! Beards, I tell you. At first I don't even process what he is saying as language because, you know, it is not inside my head or on the paper and it has nothing to do with people smooching at an 18th century ball. But then I realize he is talking about beards. I wave him away; he comes back a few minutes later and starts making noise things in the air again. I dredge my brain back up from the writing to decipher these air sounds. Beards? Beards! Why can't he grow a full, fluffy, flowing, dwarven beard, he asks. I wave my hands in the air. "Welsh. Probably because of your Welshiness." By that point, the groove was broken.
I have no idea whether the Welsh can grow fluffy dwarven beards or not. Anyone care to opine?

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