Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Conla, King of the Golden Isles

"The king smiled. There was fire in his eyes, but also kindness; summer and age had browned and crinkled his cheeks, and a full beard hung nearly to his chest. His hair was gold flecked with grey. The resemblance between him and his son was striking, even if Jasper stood a foot shorter, and had much more reasonable horns. She wondered if the king had a tail."

Poor Jasper's dad. He was a nice guy in the first few drafts. He had to become an antagonist to create more conflict, but Jasper still loves him.

'“And yet you tax those who can least afford to pay!” said Jasper.
The king waved away his objections. "It is a privilege to live in the Golden City. If they cannot afford it, they must go elsewhere."
"But where? You know very well that they have been expelled from their homelands."
“Only because they were lazy! The lords' estates are more profitable without them.” '

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