Saturday, March 7, 2015

Clips From the Cutting Room Floor

Jasper sat atop the carriage, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Rob and Tom sat beside him, driving the horses. The fire had prompted the king to move his court to their summer estate.
Jasper sighed. "It's just too good to be true."
"You sound like your sister," said Rob.
"Amber's a very intelligent person." He leaned back to stare at the sky. "It's just..."
"You're in love with that human."
"Yes." Jasper closed his eyes. Lyta shimmered, smiling up at him as they twirled in the darkness. He pressed a hand against his side, where she had tried to heal him. "I love her." It was a relief to feel the words on his tongue, even as the horrible situation closed in on his heart.
"And you feel guilty for considering Lady Marine."
"I cannot love both."

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